Control Room 2015

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ANDRÉHN-SCHIPTJENKO at Art Basel Hong Kong, March 15-17, 2015

Andréhn-Schiptjenko at Art Basel Hong Kong

March 15-17, 2015

Andréhn-Schiptjenko is pleased to invite you to join us in our booth 1B20 at Art Basel Hong Kong, where we look forward to presenting works by Uta Barth, Kristina Jansson, Per B Sundberg and Xavier Veilhan. At Art Basel Hong Kong’s film sector, the video work ”South of Heaven” by Tobias Bernstrup will be on view.

Uta Barth (b. 1958, Germany) has since the early 1990s made visual perception the primary content of her work. Barth has confined her practice to the ambient, the peripheral, incidental and ephemeral, using the camera as a metaphor for the human eye.

Andréhn-Schiptjenko will present a vintage series of photographs taken in 1979-1982, but not shown until 2010. Providing a framework for her entire practice, they are early explorations of how the camera trace light, time and optical afterimages, making us conscious of our own perceptual awareness.

In 2012 Barth was named a MacArthur Fellow and in 2013 she had an extensive solo exhibition at SCAD Museum of Art.

Per B Sundberg (b. 1964, Sweden) has been noted for his innovative and experimental attitude towards the ceramic material, pushing the boundaries for the possible, both artistically and technically. Challenging the perception of good taste, he has shown new ways for the ceramic art with his interest in the physical aspect of the ceramic material and that of different glazes.

Andréhn-Schiptjenko will present some of his “Objects with Holes”, shapes resembling vases or urns without being utility goods, as well as examples of his assemblage works, modelled on already existing porcelain figurines.

In 2014, Per B Sundberg was awarded The Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s grant for his groundbreaking work and techniques. In 2015 he had his first solo show at Andréhn-Schiptjenko and he recently participated in the exhibition Otherworldy at Magasin III Stockholm Konsthall, Sweden.

Kristina Jansson’s (b. 1967, Sweden) grand and ambiguous paintings, inspired by different media, such as film scenes and photographs, depict interpretations of dark moods and worrying interiors. The paintings, being neither a depiction of a place nor of an event, but rather a place and an event in themselves, draws the viewer into a protracted “now”, making the position of the viewer somewhat uncertain.

Andréhn-Schiptjenko will present new works by the artist, among which a large-scale diptych exploring a theme of control and surveillance.

Kristina Jansson’s works were shown in a solo show at Andréhn-Schiptjenko in 2012, and are currently on view at Friedman Benda in New York and in a solo exhibition at Borås Museum of Arts, Sweden, with an accompanying catalogue.

Xavier Veilhan (born 1963, France) is arguably one of France’s most internationally renowned artists. Encompassing sculpture, installation, painting, photography as well as hybrids of all of these, he is also engaged in performance work and filmmaking. He plays with the notions of the generic, of the industrially produced object and of universal representation, creating objects at once ambivalent and stark. Andréhn-Schiptjenko will present a new wooden sculpture, as well as works from his Pendule Dripping series, created by setting in motion a pendulum vial filled with paint. In 2014, Xavier Veilhan, together with architects Bona-Lemercier and set designer Alexis Bertrand, presented the transformation and inauguration of the Château de Rentilly in France. The same year he had a solo exhibition at Frac Centre in Orléans and installed permanent sculptures in Ronneby, Sweden, as well as in Miami, USA. This year two new monographs will be released, one of them focusing on the Architectones project.

Andréhn-Schiptjenko is also pleased to announce that Tobias Bernstrup’s (b. 1970, Sweden) video work “South of Heaven” from 2014 has been selected by the Art Basel Hong Kong Film sector to be shown at the agnès b. cinema at the Hong Kong Arts Centre.

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