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ANDRÉHN-SCHIPTJENKO at Art Basel Hong Kong, May 23-26, 2013

Please join us in booth nr 3C35 where we will be delighted to present works by the following artists:

Julie Roberts, (b, UK) Roberts is widely exhibited internationally and was first introduced to an international audience at the 1993 Venice Biennale. Most recently her work has been seen in a large solo show at the Talbot Rice Gallery in Edinburgh. Roberts’ fascination for 19th and 20th century European history serves as continuing inspiration for her. Her analytical approach and emphasis on conditions for human life have created a consistent œuvre of highly charged canvases. At Art Basel Hong Kong we will present works from her most recent series focusing on children – often those from orphanages and needy families in Britain at the time of WWII and thereafter.

Cajsa von Zeipel (b 1983, SE), graduated from the Royal Art Academy in Stockholm 2010. She has earned critical acclaim and public attention through her monumental sculptures and her work has already been exhibited in a number of major Swedish institutions. von Zeipel’s sculptures carry references to both fashion and teen culture. Her primary motifs have previously exclusively consisted of teenage girls with their familiar attributes; ponytails, platform shoes and a provocative attitude. Von Zeipel’s works have an aesthetic that is simultaneously appealing and scary and her figures seamlessly move from the attractive to the repulsive, grotesque and studied. Traditional power structures are broken down and the hierarchies between object and viewer are dislocated.

Tony Matelli, (b 1971, US), has become known for his hyper realistic sculptures often depicting characters and things just barely getting by; things nearly dead, hopelessly lost or totally unwanted. These sculptures serve as metaphors for our own social malaise and our general struggle for survival. During recent years he has moved away from his earlier depictions of humans and animals towards examining signs of human presence. Matelli’s work has recently been shown in a major mid-career retrospective; Tony Matelli: A Human Echo at ARoS, Aarhus Kunstmuseum, Denmark and Bergen Kunstmuseum, Norway. At Art Basel Hong Kong we will show a mirror painting and a group of Weeds – an ongoing project, made in bronze to look exactly like the real thing, an intruder that is as persistent as it is unwanted.

Xavier Veilhan, (b 1963, F), arguably one of his generation’s most internationally renowned artists, has exhibited extensively throughout Europe, the U.S. and Asia. Veilhan’s work encompasses sculpture, installation, painting, photography, performance and film-making as well as hybrids of all of these. He plays with the notions of the generic, of the industrially produced object and of universal representation, creating objects at once ambivalent and stark. Veilhan’s work has recently been seen in solo-exhibitions at La Conservera, Murcia, Spain in and at Phillips Collection, Washington. The continuous project Architectones, wherein the artist does interventions in landmark buildings, has recently been taking place at The Sheats-Goldstein Residence in Beverly Hills and will in June be at Le Corbusier’s Cité Radieuse in Marseille. A major permanent public sculpture, Jean-Marc, was recently installed in New York

For further information and images, please contact the gallery. For further information on the fair, please visit https://www.artbasel.com/en/Hong-Kong

Contacts at the fair:

Elin Hagström +46 707445438

Marina Schiptjenko +46 707445448.