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Andréhn-Schiptjenko at Art Basel, June 14-17, 2018

Andréhn-Schiptjenko at Art Basel, June 12-17 2018

The gallery first exhibited at Art Basel in 1998 and is proud to celebrate their 20th anniversary as exhibitors and to welcome you to our booth M19. We will continue our successful policy of presenting a small number of artists, aiming to show a broader range of their respective practices. For this year’s edition our presentation will revolve around the exploration of desire and fantasy, the overlap between the unconscious and physical reality – exhibiting new work by Ridley Howard, Tony Matelli and Cajsa von Zeipel that explore these issues in ways ranging from the romantic to the nasty

Ridley Howard, (born 1973, US) experiments with how the elemental forces of painting, colour, shape, and design coalesce into something with emotional resonance. His paintings display a cool yet personal relationship to both subject matter and image where simple depictions of people, architectural spaces and landscapes are infused with a specific painterly sensibility. The works incorporate the vernacular of vastly different genres of painting, among them high renaissance, pop art and abstraction.

Tony Matelli (born 1971, US) works in a variety of sculptural techniques and materials, his œuvre displaying an uncanny fusion of conceptual clarity and technical breadth. Many issues of his generation — alienation, ambivalence, and decadence — manifest themselves directly in his work. His sculptures possess a concision and frankness that can simultaneously seem crass and profound. There is also an element of provocation; a protest against playing by the universally accepted rules or conventions that exist as an inseparable part of the world that surrounds us. His sculptures can best be described as anti-monuments, re-interpreting the tradition of hyperrealism in American sculpture.

Cajsa von Zeipel (b 1983 Sweden) works with large format sculptures that carry references to both fashion and teen culture, the Renaissance masters and the classical tradition of sculpture. Modelled in polystyrene and the final form covered with a layer of plaster, the white surface, the unclothed figures and the realistic depiction of the tall and thin characters have an aesthetic that is simultaneously appealing and scary. Her figures seamlessly move from the attractive to the repulsive, grotesque and studied and explore issues related to contemporary expressions in popular culture, questions of gender and explorations of female sexuality and von Zeipel has captured a world that is elusive, sometimes self-destructive, but also rebellious.

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