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ANDRÉHN-SCHIPTJENKO at FIAC, Paris, October 18 – 21, 2018

Andréhn-Schiptjenko at FIAC, Paris
18 – 21 October 2018

We’re proud to announce that Andréhn-Schiptjenko will for the first time participate in this year’s edition of FIAC. We look forward to welcoming you to booth no C07 of the Grand Palais, where we will present works by Elisabeth Frieberg, Tony Matelli and Linder.

Frieberg (b. 1977, Sweden) is a painter whose process is deeply rooted in the experience of nature, translating her observations from personally important places around the world onto canvas. The colors and temperament embedded in these surroundings, along with the exploration of scale, rhythm and time, all make for essential aspects of her investigative abstract painting. Drawing from her deep knowledge of art history she explores and plays with painting as an object, the role of the frame, the stretching of the canvas, the nails holding it together – significant details in the work often being hidden in plain sight.

Tony Matelli (b. 1971, US) works in a variety of sculptural techniques and materials, his œuvre displaying an uncanny fusion of conceptual clarity and technical breadth. Many issues of his generation — alienation, ambivalence, and decadence — manifest themselves directly in his work. His sculptures possess a concision and frankness that can seem both crass and profound. There is an element of provocation in Matelli’s work; a protest against playing by the universally accepted rules or conventions that exist as an inseparable part of the world that surrounds us. We will exhibit Matelli’s most recent body of work, sculptures that can best be described as anti-monuments, re-interpreting the tradition of hyperrealism in American sculpture.

Linder (b. 1954, UK) is an internationally celebrated artist who applies the principles of collage to the visual languages of graphic design, popular culture, fashion and fine art in the production of photomontages, performances and installations. The core of her work is a continuous exploration of desire, cultural expectations and the female body as commodity. Occasionally referring to her works as biopsies, Linder’s collages manipulate, disrupt and play with porn and glamour, exposing the latter as something we should be wary of. Denouncing the artificiality of groomed and tame femininity and revealing the performative aspects of gendered and social differences, the works are sometimes provocative – and also funny.

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