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ANDRÉHN-SCHIPTJENKO at MATERIAL ART FAIR, Mexico City, February 7-10, 2019

Andréhn-Schiptjenko at Material Art Fair, Mexico City February 7-10, 2019

Andréhn-Schiptjenko has the pleasure to announce their return participation in the 2019 edition of Material Art Fair, taking place February 7-10 at Frontón Mexico City. We will be presenting new paintings by Ridley Howard, a wall-installation by Santiago Mostyn and a series of collages by Xavier Veilhan.

Ridley Howard, experiments with how the elemental forces of painting, colour, shape, and design coalesce into something with emotional resonance. His paintings display a cool yet personal relationship to both subject matter and image where simple depictions of people, architectural spaces and landscapes are infused with a specific painterly sensibility. The works incorporate the vernacular of vastly different genres of painting, among them high renaissance, pop art and abstraction.

Santiago Mostyn, – born in San Francisco, but with strong ties to Grenada, Zimbabwe and Trinidad and currently living in Sweden – Mostyn works and lives between these cultures, often creating a context for reflection on privilege, inclusion and utility. With his work, he sets up a framework to test how wide or narrow the apparent divide is between different social spheres. He employs an intuitive creative process and points to a knowledge and history grounded in the body rather than the rational mind, exploring intuitive and subtle connections. Through his work, Mostyn creates a balance between intuition and reason, dreams and waking states, and offer the audience a fresh way of seeing and contextualizing their present experiences.

Xavier Veilhan is arguably one of France’s most internationally renowned artists, his œuvre encompasses sculpture, installation, painting, photography, performance work and filmmaking as well as hybrids of all of these. He plays with the notions of the generic, of the industrially produced object and of universal representation, creating objects at once ambivalent and stark. Veilhan started to construct this series of collages in the summer of 2017, during his residency in Studio Venezia, his proposition for the 57th Venice Art Biennale. With this project he transformed the French Pavilion into an immersive recording studio dedicated to audio experimentation, welcoming over 200 musicians during the 7 months of the exhibition. « The collages are to me like mental images, dreamlike snapshots in which we put seemingly unrelated elements in collision to eventually establish a polarity between them. Through their representation, through the cutting and the pasting, we reactivate things in a different way. » Xavier Veilhan

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