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ANDRÉHN-SCHIPTJENKO at The Armory Show 2013

We look forward to welcoming you in our booth 705 A, pier 94 at the Armory Show, where we will have the pleasure of exhibiting remarkable works by the following gallery artists.

Tobias Bernstrup (b 1970, SE) is one of Sweden’s most important new media based and performance artists, being internationally active for over a decade. At the Armory Show we will show a new large-scale sculpture installation. Ruin-like buildings, made out of wood and cardboard, form giant letters spelling HOPE out of the remains of a civilization. Following the tradition of American pop artist Robert Indiana’s poem sculptures, the bright colours have been replaced by rust and decay. Bernstrup’s works has recently been seen in the exhibition Battleground States at UMoCA, Salt Lake City.

Xavier Veilhan (b 1963, FR) is arguably one of France’s most prominent contemporary artists. Encompassing sculpture, installation, painting photography as well as hybrids of all these, Xavier Veilhan is also engaged in performance work and filmmaking. At the core of his practice are the possibilities of representation. His works has recently been seen in solo-shows at the Philips Collection, Washington and at Neutra VDL Research House in LA to name a few. In January, Xavier Veilhan’s first permanent public sculpture in the US was installed on the north-east corner of 53rd Street and 1330, Avenue of the Americas in NY. At The Armory Show we will show Michael, a seminal work by the artist from 2007.

Kristina Jansson (b 1967, SE) her critically acclaimed paintings have recently been seen in exhibitions such as Genius Loci at Artipelag, Stockholm and in her solo show Zelig at Andréhn-Schiptjenko. She won the second prize of the Carnegie Art Award in 2010. The object ”painting” is a place in a protracted Now according to Kristina Jansson. A painting does not depict a place or illustrate a narrative; it is the place and a constantly on-going event. This reasoning also provides the basis for how the artist selects her models and motifs. Two new paintings will be premiered at the Armory Show.

The Armory Show opens on March 6 (by invitation only) and is open March 7-10. For further information and images please contact the gallery. For further information on the Armory Show please visit At the fair we can be reached at +1 718 964 75 05, + 46 707 44 54 38, or +46 703 44 47 45