Matts Leiderstam - After Image (Under Niagara 1862), 2010.

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ANDRÉHN-SCHIPTJENKO at The Armory Show March 8-11, 2012

We look forward to seeing you in our booth 602, pier 94 at the Armory Show. Prompted by the Nordic Focus of this year’s edition of the fair we have focused our selection on some of the gallery’s Swedish artists.

Martin Jacobson (b 1978, SE) assembles collages from images he finds at flea markets and antique shops, often depicting scenes from archaic myths and landscapes. These collages then serve as inspiration for his paintings and watercolours. At The Armory Show we will show two new works on paper.

Lena Johansson (b 1975, SE) uses photographs from fashion and lifestyle magazines as inspiration for her detailed paintings, exploring these images of desire, their function and wide possibility of interpretations. The fashion world’s strict preconceived notions of what is permitted and beautiful, meet the art world’s notions of what painting represents. At The Armory Show we will show two new paintings.

Matts Leiderstam (b 1956, SE) uses his personal visual experiences of historical paintings, which he detaches from their normative context within collections or archives and investigates from a contemporary point of view. His method is simultaneously the artist’s and the scholar’s and he lets these attitudes mix and affect one another. At The Armory Show we will present 14 works from his on-going series of photographs After Image, depicting works of art reproduced in books and catalogues and the focus Leiderstam decides to give them.

Julie Roberts (b 1963, GB) paintings and drawings are rigorously constructed and highly stylised works reminiscent of children’s books or instruction manuals. They are drawn from historic archives and she has focused on the emergence and development of Barnardo’s Homes, child evacuees and children in foster care at the time of WWII and thereafter. We will present drawings and paintings from her most recent body of work Child.

The Armory Show opens on March 7 (by invitation only) and is open March 8-11. For further information and images please contact the gallery. At the fair we can be reached at + 46 707 44 54 18, +1 718 964 75 05 or +46 703 44 47 45.