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CAJSA VON ZEIPEL [solo exhibition] at Capricious, New York, September 13 – November 2, 2014

Pony Tails

Cajsa von Zeipel
September 13 — November 2, 2014
Capricious 88, New York

Capricious 88 is proud to present Pony Tails: To Live Play Move and Clash As She Will a solo exhibition by the New York based Swedish sculptor Cajsa von Zeipel. von Zeipel, known for her towering plaster sculptures of gaunt lanky characters, introduces her latest congregation of provocateurs. Posturing, lofty in size and waifish in frame, her players invite objectification, challenging their oglers and dominating their domaine. In Pony Tails, von Zeipel conjures modern issues through classical methods with astounding technical expertise. Her troupe are embodiments of controversy, they are problematic and rife with contradictions. Here she aspires to unearth and unravel new discussions, encouraging the viewer to push their social concerns from the obvious connotations of the male gaze to the unchartered territory of the female gaze.

Inspired by the Flemish village scenes of Pieter Bruegel, von Ziepel has birthed her own depiction of real life, slender androgynous figures tangled in a playful ensemble. Much like Tom of Finland, another inspiration of von Zeipel, her characters are slightly exaggerated versions of her own community. A statuesque clique that is all at once jarring, erotic, outrageous, mischievous, desirable, obnoxious, seductive, and captivating. Within this community von Zeipel flawlessly explores the power dynamics of intimate friendships and modern issues of gender politics.

Born in Sweden in 1983, Cajsa von Zeipel is one regarded as one of the most significant and compelling artists out of Scandinavia today. Her merits include solo exhibitions at institutions such as the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Stockholm Museum of Modern Art, the Royal Institute of Art, the Västerås Konstmuseum, and the Eskilstuna Konstmuseum in Sweden; the M/L Artspace in New York City and Galleri F 15, Norway and Buntelabo Kunsthall, Norway; as well as appearing in art fairs such as Art Basel in Switzerland, Art Basel Hong Kong, and The Armory Show, New York in addition to dozens of other prestigious international venues. Her work is also featured in the permanent collections of the Art Foundation in Mallorca, Spain, the Eskilstuna Museum of Art, the Gothenburg Museum of Art, the Borås Museum of Art, the Gävleborg County Museum, the S.A.O. Foundation of Research and Culture, and the Västerås Museum of Art in Sweden.

Capricious 88, as an extension of Capricious magazine, initiates experimentation while working with a variety of artists from emergent to established who use photography as their point of departure to seek out new vehicles of expression in sculpture, video, performance, or publications. The gallery is located on 88 Eldridge Street in Manhattan.

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