maxime dufour photographies -15 septembre 2019 - 01122-143_LR XAVIER VEILHAN [public work] Lille Flandres station, Lille, France, 2019

Xavier Veilhan – Romy, 2019. Permanent installation, Lille Flandres station (Lille, France) Styrofoam, fiberglass, polyester resin, stainless steel, 280 x 240 x 195 cm, 110 1/4 x 94 1/2 x 76 3/4 in. © Ville de Lille / maxime dufour photographies © Veilhan / ADAGP, 2019

XV hem XAVIER VEILHAN [public project] Vårbergs jättar, Stockholm Konst

We’re pleased to announce that Xavier Veilhan’s project “Vårbergs Jättar” (The Vårberg Giants) has been selected by a jury as the winning proposal for the Våberg Art Competition organised by Stockholm Konst and the Stockholm City Executive Office. The site-specific sculptures, which are due to be completed by autumn 2020, will be erected in Stråkparken (Read more…)

Carin CARIN ELLBERG [permanent installation] at Hägerstenshamnens Skola

Commisioned work for a newly built elementary school in Stockholm, Sweden.

Jacob Dahlgren - Primary Structure, 2017. Painted steel, 880 × 800 × 270 cm. JACOB DAHLGREN [permanent installation] Astana, Kazakstan

Jacob Dahlgren’s work is composed of 104 parts in 18 colors on a foundation measuring 10.5 x 10.5 meters. Dahlgren started with a rectangular shape of specific dimensions – 27.5 x 27.5 x 110 cm – which he then combined. The different parts are divided into sections that are linked into upright and horizontal structures. (Read more…)

CarinÅby CARIN ELLBERG [permanent installation] at Åby Bibliotek

Carin Ellberg has created the permanent work ” Okänt landskap med röda planeter” for Åby Public Library in Åby, Sweden. The work interacts with its surrounding, creating a planetary system that stretches far beyond the canvas frame.  For further information and images please contact Erica Wennerholm at

JD1 JACOB DAHLGREN [permanent sculpture] Kumla, Sweden

Permanent sculpture for Konst på hög in Kumla, Sweden 2017.

Fugue4 lores KATARINA LÖFSTRÖM [permanent installation] at Örebro Konserthus

Katarina Löfström has created the permanent installation “Fugue” at Örebro Konserthus in Sweden. It is an interactive animated light installation in the concert hall at Örebro Konserthus.

XavierVeilhanNewYork, utvald XAVIER VEILHAN [permanent sculpture] in New York City

Andréhn-Schiptjenko proudly announces the installation of Xavier Veilhan’s first permanent public sculpture in the US. “Jean-Marc”, 2012 is a site-specific commission by RXR Realty and located outside their offices on the north-east corner of 53rd Street and 1330, Avenue of the Americas in New York City. Encompassing sculpture, installation, painting, photography as well as hybrids (Read more…)