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A selection of works by Uta Barth, Jacob Dahlgren, Maya Eizin Öijer, Carin Ellberg, Katrine Helmersson, Anna Kleberg, Annika Larsson, Matts Leiderstam, Katarina Löfström, Johan Nobell,  Mari Rantanen, Xavier Veilhan.

CE CARIN ELLBERG [permanent sculpture] at Stureby Metro Station, Stockholm

Carin Ellberg has installed her permanent public sculpture Främmande Växtlighet, 2012 at Stureby Metro Station in Stockholm. The sculpture has been commissioned by SL Storstockholms Lokaltrafik. Fore more information please visit: Carin Ellberg on SL’s website

GW GUNNEL WÅHLSTRAND [permanent installation] at Malmö Blekinge Court

Works for Blekinge Court of Appeal, Malmö, Sweden. Commissioned by The National Public Art Council Sweden.

JD3 JACOB DAHLGREN [permanent installation] Linköping, Sweden

Commission for roundabout Bergsvägen, Linköping, Sweden. The abstract roadsigns lead the way to an even larger abstract piece. Inside the roundabouts circled shape more signs are erected and they resemble a clutter of road signs, in a somewhat chaotic fashion. When close to the work it is evident that there is no information at play, instead (Read more…)

CarinGävle CARIN ELLBERG [permanent installation] at Gävle Municipality

Det Femte Elementet — Gävle municipality and Statens Konstråd, 2002. This eye-catching outdoor sculpture was commisioned for Gävle municipality in 2002. It is placed in the middle of a traffic roundabout, offering travelers a 360° as they drive through. Nighttime, it is lit by a built in beam, aptly placed in the lampshade perched at the (Read more…)