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JACOB DAHLGREN [public project] Dental Hospital, Royal London Hospital

Jacob Dahlgren Constructing a New World, 2014

Dental Hospital, Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, London UK

Vital Arts is delighted to announce a new site specific public art commission by Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren. Whose wide ranging practice explores the abstract patterns found in the ‘everyday’ and includes the ongoing photographic series of him with strangers wearing stripes. In his first permanent commission in the UK, Dahlgren has designed a large-scale installation for the new Royal

London Dental Hospital that takes the vibrant colours of the local Whitechapel area as its starting point.

An architectural drawing in space; the work consists of a large wall drawing and a 3D drawing of neon bright aluminium rods. Combined they create a complex abstract work where the shadows coalesce to become part of the composition.

This dynamic commission is part of a wider arts strategy for the hospital that aims to improve the hospital environment for both patients and staff. Over one million people attend the six hospitals within our trust each year, looked after by 15,000 members of staff. We see these important civic spaces as ideal places to introduce a new audience to contemporary art.

‘Constructing a New World’ has been fabricated by Luke Morgan, Supergroup London.

Commissioned by VITAL ARTS