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LENA JOHANSSON [solo-exhibition] at Joyce Gallery, Paris, February 13-23, 2019

Painting, Desire and Other Stories
Lena Johansson at Joyce Gallery, Feb 13 – Feb 23, 2019

Opening: Feb 13, 6pm to 8:30 pm sharp
Palais Royal
168 Galerie de Valois 75001 Paris

Andréhn-Schiptjenko is happy to announce Lena Johansson’s solo-show at Joyce Gallery, Palais Royal in Paris.

Lena Johansson has been widely acclaimed for her small, intense oil paintings with motifs derived from lifestyle media. Her lush, sensuous brush technique creates a glossy, desirable image that extends, and comments on, the shiny commercial—and fashionable—imagery much of her work is based on

In her latest body of work, she uses the very same materials inherent in the world where she draws inspiration for her practice: fashion and life-style photography. Instead of using the traditional canvas and stretchers, her paintings are now made directly on simple white T-shirts and jeans. She uses gesso to create a surface to paint on, and then work with oil color. In contrast to the painted image, the T-shirts are quite imperfect and rough, showing traces of the painting process with drips and stains and spots and dirty fingerprints and even holes from the staples, because the fabric is so fragile

Installed together with paintings and drawings on found material such as plywood and plexi they are all independent works while simultaneously forming a visual story focusing on the gap between painting, reality and fiction and the transition of a commercialized image into a painting.

I am really interested in fashion photography and commercial imagery. My opinion is that they are deeply essential, they talk to our dreams and our desires, and they really know how to catch our deepest longings. I think these images are deeply human and speak to our need for beauty, seduction, sexuality, flirtation—all that belongs to us. It is ours to take. When preparing for a painting, I see a photograph as any other object—like a cup or a hat—and I feel free to examine it through painting. I am interested to see what will happen to this imagery as it filters through me and the painting process, which changes its medium and context.

Lena Johansson

Lena Johansson (b. 1975) lives and works in Sweden. She has previously exhibited at institutions such as Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium, Vestfossen, Norway, Moderna Museet, Malmö, Sweden and Ystads Konstmuseum, Sweden.

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