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NILS THORNANDER [private presentation] Paris, May 17, 2018

Andréhn-Schiptjenko proudly presents Speed Bump, a selection of new works by Nils Thornander. The presentation takes the form of a private evening in a grand Parisian apartment, a one-off project in keeping with the gallery’s ambition to develop a series of events and presentations in varying forms and venues to complement and nourish the regular exhibition programme in Stockholm.

In a world subject to multiple accelerations with speed as their only objective, Speed Bump interrogates notions of time in painting and also time of painting. What are the effects on the artists and on those who look at it? Does considering materia as something with the inherent effect of slowing things down lead to a contemplative line of thought? The works are conceived as elements encapsulating a series of durations, superposed, intertwined, reassembled and opposed.

Born in Stockholm and living in Paris, Nils Thornander is an artist that explores the porosity between different areas of ideas and practices. His work is multifaceted and takes various forms, ranging from painting, text and video to installation, often exploring notions of conflict between territories and identities. Collaborating freely with his peers his work has been shown in multiple venues around the world, and he is currently working on an installation commissioned for the Parc Floral de Paris due to be unveiled in September 2018.

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