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We are pleased to announce that Theresa Traore Dahlberg is the recipient of Beckers Konstnärsstipendium 2019.

Jury’s statement:

Filmmaker and artist Theresa Traore Dahlberg depict themes like courage, power structures, colonialism and feminism: the complexity of being human in a post-colonial world. She explores the possibilities for alternative views based on both the composition of the group and the specific situation of the individual. She approaches the people she portrays with great respect, and her work is characterized by intimacy, humour and a strong visual storytelling.

The starting point of the films is often everyday life, situations that is given an existential dimension, to be human without being marginalized, fighting for your dreams or as a young woman coping with the patriarchal expectations.

Theresa Traore Dahlberg’s work is often categorized as documentary, but she rather sees it as art or like painting. Through multifaceted stories about people in African countries, she raises universal issues, which makes us look at both the general perception of Africa and our own everyday situations in a different light.

Even in her sculptures she uses material that can tell a story, material that holds historical significance. By combining glass, copper and cotton, she allows general connotations such as technology, weapons, microchips, slavery and industry to gain free play, while still talking about the sculptures as independent from time and place. She wants to give each person the opportunity to meet the works based on their own circumstances.

Theresa Traore Dahlberg is awarded Beckers Art Award 2019, because she in her artistry, with great respect, creates a diverse image of individuals with different backgrounds, that she in her films, with subtle means of expression, is able to portray people in complex situations and her object and material combinations that fills the exhibition space with tension both in physical and historical terms.

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