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XAVIER VEILHAN [public works] Stockholm, Sweden, 2020

Xavier Veilhan’s Vårbergs Jättar (The Vårberg Giants) – a new landmark public sculpture inaugurated in Stockholm

October 17th marks the public inauguration of Xavier Veilhan’s Vårbergs jättar (The Vårberg Giants) in Vårberg, Stockholm. The two large scale public sculptures aim not only to be a visually striking contribution to the area, but also to become anchored landmarks, providing a natural meeting place within Vårberg, allowing the sculptures to evolve over time.

For public art in Stockholm, Vårbergs Jättar, commissioned by Stockholm Konst, is a milestone project. The budget reserved by Stockholm municipality for the project, and the size of the sculptures, make it the biggest contribution to public art in the modern history of the city.

Vårbergs jättar is permanently installed at the green areas Stråkparken and Pelousen in the borough of Vårberg, a southwest suburb of Stockholm, Sweden.