Jacob Dahlgren at Kunsthalle Göppingen.: Solo-exhibition

Kunsthalle Göppingen, Germany 13 September - 15 November 2020 
Kunsthalle Göppingen, Germany

Brightly colored flags with geometric shapes are spread across the city of Göppingen – the starting point and center is the exhibition The Flag Project by the Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren in Kunsthalle Göppingen.


Inspired by the tradition of minimalism and constructivism, Jacob Dahlgren discovers abstraction in everyday objects. In his installations, films and happenings, he encourages the viewer to actively participate. In his exhibition in Kunsthalle Göppingen and in the public space of the city, the artist deals with the aspects of perception, attention and visibility of places.


Jacob Dahlgren turns Kunsthalle Göppingen, into a production facility. Visitors are invited to create their own abstract designs and to leave them behind: flags are made on site from templates, which become part of an installation in the inner courtyard of the Kunsthalle Göppingen and then spread out over the course of the exhibition. Unlike conventional flags, which either symbolize a community or nation, or are used to transmit information or as advertising, the flags of The Flag Project stand on their own. A flag is usually a replaceable piece of fabric that is manufactured in large numbers. The flags, which are individually made by seamstresses in the Kunsthalle Göppingen, are, however, unique.


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