Tobias Bernstrup

Almost Human
Texts by Power Ekroth and Johan Sjöström, 2010
Hardcover 106 pages
Publisher: Johan Sjöström
ISBN: 91-87968-71-1

Tobias Bernstrup (b. 1970) is one of the most well-known Swedish artists in the international art world, often exhibited in other countries, and with a large number of projects here and abroad. He works with digital media, performance, music and computer games. Elements that recur in his art are alternate realities, gender roles, and the mutability of bodies and identities.

The work of Tobias Bernstrup was shown in an exhibition in the Stena Hall at the Gothenburg Museum of Art April 21– June 5 2010. A catalogue was produced for the exhibition.


Graphic design: Martin Norrlind
Languages: Swedish, English

Tobias Bernstrup: Almost Human
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