Matts Leiderstam at Dalslands Konstmuseum, Åsensbruk, Sweden: Solo-exhibition

26 August - 12 November 2023 

My artistic practice includes painting, printing, drawing, photography, text and installation. I make an art that grows out of some simple questions. For example: what does and wants a picture? What does the viewer's gaze do? Although I am a painter at heart, this has often meant that I, like a researcher, sought out art historical paintings (and sometimes photographs) to search for alternative and sometimes queer narratives. It is in conversation with the history of paintings, its materials and circulation that my exhibitions often emerge. While most of my previous projects related to classical paintings and the museum, my latest works touch on a specific grid that I learned as a youngster. It is a structure that artists have used for generations for composition and that was developed already during the Renaissance. In our time, the grid has continued to play a central role in all image creation, including the photographic as well as the data-generating image. At Dalslands Art Museum, I will show a number of works from 2017–2023 – works that all touch on painting as an object of the gaze – and that in relation to a contemporary time dominated by our screens.


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