Xavier Veilhan at Frac Pays de la Loire, Nantes, France: solo-exhibition

Frac des Pays de la Loire 17 May - 1 September 2024 
Frac des Pays de la Loire
Major artist of the French and international scene for more than three decades, Xavier Veilhan, invests all summer the site of Nantes du Frac with a tailor-made exhibition. Relying on the complicity of the scenographer Alexis Bertrand, they imagined a device combining sobriety and agility, to welcome the works and visitors. Large volumes of cardboard create a minimalist landscape at the service of a selection of recent or historical works benefiting from exceptional loans.
The viewer is encouraged to explore the themes of mobility and immobility, balance and fall, bestiary and games of scale, which are the foundational themes of the artist's work. 
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