Santiago Mostyn at Buffalo AKG Art Museum, New York, USA: group-exhibition

Buffalo AKG Art Museum 26 April - 19 August 2024 
Buffalo AKG Art Museum

After the Sun—Forecasts from the North surveys a generational response to the precarious state of our natural environment. Historically, art from the Nordic region has been closely tied to depictions of nature. It is no surprise, then, that a diverse group of artists with strong ties to Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden question what it means to depict landscape today in a time of intensifying climate crisis. After the Sun considers how emergencies at a Northern latitude reverberate globally and asks what images are generated in response.


Occupying the entire first floor of the Buffalo AKG’s new Jeffrey E. Gundlach Building’s special exhibition galleries along with additional spaces on the museum campus, After the Sun presents artistic responses to the climate crisis that range from the analytical to the speculative, the poetic to the political.


Santiago Mostyn makes films, installations and performances that test the divide between disparate cultural and political spheres, employing an intuitive process to engage with a knowledge and history grounded equally in the body and the rational mind. Through layering and collage, whether in video or installation, he works fluidly with imagery ranging from the artist’s own personal archive to footage of historical events, political and cultural figures, and racial injustice. His work may be viewed as an ongoing visual research framework which reconsider how broad histories and personal memory might intersect. 


In After the Sun, the artist will explore explore what a meaningful engagement with nature might mean today and how we might forge practical, theoretical, and metaphysical paths forward.