Xavier Veilhan at Aranya Art Center, Quinhuangdo,China: Group-exhibition

Aranya Art Center, Quinhuangdo,China 8 March - 16 May 2021
Aranya Art Center, Quinhuangdo,China

"Looking is the most direct way to understand art where both audience and works play a pivotal role. Art inspires people in the simplest yet most effective way, so it is a wonder that art is so astonishing. It is out of curiosity that John Updike (1932-2009), an American writer and poet, unfolded the scroll of art and left a legacy of three art monographs, namely Just Looking, Still Looking and Always Looking. Updike had no time to study art theories or terms, but he believed what he saw: sometimes it is possible to capture what is out of sight simply by looking at what is in sight, and this has made art the permanent object for looking."


Just looking, Still looking, Always looking features representative works from Izumi Kato, Gregor Hildebrandt, Laurent Grasso, Leslie Hewitt, Jean-Michel Othoniel, Sophie Calle, Jens Fänge, and Xavier Veilhan. Through the creations based on various media and cultural contexts, the exhibition attempts to reintroduce the vitality of art into the audience's vision, so as to "see" the interrupted real world again.


« Mobile n°5 » (2019)

Resin, carbon, paint

115 x 451 x 140 cm 


« Big Instrument » (2019)


260 x 80 x 15 cm


« Rays n°1 » (2019)

Carbon, steel, epoxy paint

120 x 60 cm


« Rays » (2019)

Carbon, steel, polyurethane paint

280 x 450 cm


« Natasa » (2019)


75 x 65 x 20 cm


« Tony » (2019)


75 x 65 x 21 cm


« Mobile n°3 » (2019)


213 x 119 cm