Jacob Dahlgren: In the studio

Michael Wuerges, Collectors Agenda, June 1, 2018

"I even wear striped T-shirts at funerals and weddings".

Attracted by minimalist tradition, Swedish artist Jacob Dahlgren finds abstraction in everyday objects and often overlooked details of contemporary life, which he employs to create dynamic interactive installations and performances. When arranged, the individual objects lose their intended function and form something completely new. Jacob makes reference to artistic styles of the 20th century such as Constructivism, Minimal Art, Pop Art, and the Op Art movement. An important theme in his work is how art and everyday life are intertwined. We met Jacob in his studio in Stockholm’s Södermalm district to talk about his work for the Venice Biennale, his gigantic archive of striped T-shirts, and why he occasionally gets kicked out in supermarkets.