Ryan McGinley nominates photographer Santiago Mostyn

Christopher Bollen, Interview Magazine, March 23, 2010
“Growing up, I was always addicted to stories and movies about journeys and adventures,” photographer Ryan McGinley explains. “I loved everything from The Adventures of Tom Sawyer to The Goonies (1985). When I was in sixth grade, we read a book in school called Worldwalk. It was the true story of an American man who walked all the way around the world by himself. The first time I saw Santiago Mostyn’s book of photographs, Excerpt: All Most Heaven, I got lost in it the same way I did looking at books as a young boy. It’s not very often you find someone making an amazingly consistent body of work. Some days, I’ll wake up and think, What’s Santiago doing? I imagine him walking down a long stretch of road carrying only a backpack, hitchhiking, maybe jumping a train.”