15 Female Artists Who’ve Shaped the L.A. Art Scene

Eva Recinos, LA Weekly, April 4, 2017

Many surveys of iconic L.A. artists might name a few familiar greats: Ed Ruscha, Chris Burden, Ken Price … the list goes on. While these men are important to know in terms of art history as a whole, women artists often go overlooked in most mainstream art history texts.

This list looks at women artists who influenced the City of Angels through their art-making. Take it as a starting point for finding out more about the amazing women who’ve shaped the cultural production of this city — and will continue to make ways through both new work and the legacy they leave behind.


5. Uta Barth
Known around the world for her unconventional style of photography, Uta Barth calls Los Angeles home and received her MFA at UCLA in 1985. Barth’s compositions usually require that viewers allow their eyes to adjust a little; there seems to be nothing really there, but the faint shapes that come to the surface turn out to be haunting. Her work is a part of major museum collections including those at the Hammer Museum, LACMA and the Getty.