Cajsa von Zeipel at Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark: Group-exhibition

Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark 21 April - 24 October 2021 
Copenhagen Contemporary, Copenhagen, Denmark

In a year characterised by great international sporting events, both nationally and internationally, CC kicks off with a major group exhibition entitled Art of Sport.


To some, sport represents a free space, communal activities, and self-development whereas others experience it as frightening, excluding, and associated with rivalry, extremism, and unhealthy body focus. This duality is the subject examined in Art of Sportas the exhibition paints an all-round picture of the nature of sport. Via a number of works by national and international artists, CC zooms in on the hero worship and idolisation associated with sport, its gender and ethnicity codes, its mechanisms for inclusion and exclusion, and the relationship of sport with politics, power, and money.


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