Carin Ellberg at The Nordic Watercolour Museum, Skärhamn, Sweden: Solo-exhibition

The Nordic Watercolour Museum, Skärhamn, Sweden 2 October 2022 - 29 January 2023 
The Nordic Watercolour Museum, Skärhamn, Sweden


It May Be Something the Sea Lays at My Feet

The surrounding marine landscape of The Nordic Watercolour Museum is a stupendous setting for Carin Ellberg’s art. As if the works were interacting with the environment and as if the sea is not only outside but also inside the artist herself. And just like the cosmos, Ellberg’s art is in perpetual motion and subtly changing. It harbours both random and unavoidable consequences.

In this solo exhibition with Carin Ellberg, the artist's latest watercolours, sculptural objects and a selection of older works are shown. Some works have been created especially for the exhibition and are being presented for the first time.


Fine, coiling lines and soft nuances are typical of Ellberg’s watercolours. In her sculptural objects, details seem to have stepped out of the pictures to claim their space in the exhibition halls. Some motifs are reoccurring and include imaginative shapes reminiscent of sea shells, jellyfish, octopuses and seaweed – things that might be washed up on shore.


In connection with the exhibition, a new book is published, where words and images of Carin Ellberg interact with each other. The book is the result of a collaboration between the artist, designer Sandra Praun and The Nordic Watercolour Museum.


As the exhibition title It may be something the sea lays at my feet suggests, it is about a meeting between external and internal landscapes, between nature and imagination and between feelings and memories. Visual poems of the kind Carin Ellberg creates flow in and out of nature. In her art, she reveals the magic that surrounds us.


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