Maya Eizin Öijer has without a doubt played an important role on the Swedish art scene since the 70’s. Making use of a rich vocabulary of images heavily charged with symbols, she has from the very start been interested in the archetypical landscape of the subconscious. Opposing poles meet in her work:  pain, lust, suffering and desire. By re-using images from art history and popular culture, her work is characterized by a rich imagery filled with symbols, where the associative plays a major role.


Early on in her career, Maya Eizin Öijer made use of media images. A newspaper cutting could be united with an image borrowed from art history, creating a mixed genre of high and low. During the postmodernist phase of the 80´s, there were references to Baroque and Rococo in her work. She was an early adapter of new technology and she created images with references to film, photo and painting manipulated in the computer in the 90´s.


By combining different fragments of images, a visual and an emotional link is created from the present to our memories of the past. Maya Eizin Öijer explores the landscape of our subconscious mind and peers into the world of dreams and fantasies. Her work is filled with symbols that evoke associations with myths, archetypes and the darker sides of our human emotions.


Maya Eizin Öijer lives and works in Stockholm. She is represented at several institutions, such as Moderna Museet, Stockholm.
Installation shots