Peter Hagdahl is since the early 1990’s Sweden’s most acclaimed artists working with digital and new media. Influence, change and transformation are key concepts in his work. The possibility to visualise change is continuously fascinating to Hagdahl and he has rigorously pursued projects that in varying ways investigate both material and immaterial processes. His work deals with changes and transformations of emotions and states of mind within individuals as well as within larger communities. The apparently stable is transformed into the ephemeral and the volatile, thus questioning this very dichotomy.


Hagdahl, born 1956 and living and working in Stockholm, was Professor of Art and New Media at The Royal College of Art, Stockholm 1999-2009 and has since then been a research fellow and guest professor at the Department of Computer and Systems sciences at the University of Stockholm. Apart from his exhibition practice his work is known to a Stockholm audience through the public commission Liquid Sky, one of Europe’s largest interactive LED-installations.

Installation shots