Mark Frygell’s works depart from the history of painting, sub-cultural images and cartoons. He repeatedly manipulates and reworks gestures, references and materials, inspired by different methodologies of painting. His interest lies in concepts such as caricature, the grotesque and the comic.


His most recent works explore his own relationship to the figurative painting, the still-life and landscape painting as carriers of collective consciousness, moral symbols and identity. In line with these interests, his reuse of forms, colours, compositions, themes and expressions of a certain painterly language form an important part of Mark Frygell’s method. Starting with quick drawings made directly on the pages in books that he reads, or on different found materials, he then refines and process the motives, shifting materials and formats before working with oil on canvas. Through these different stages, he explores the motives and finds new shapes and forms.


Mark Frygell (b. 1985 in Umeå, lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden) has studied at The Royal Academy in Umeå, Sweden and Akademie der Bildenden Künste in Vienna, Austria. His work has been shown in the Moderna Exhibition at Moderna Museet in Stockholm and recently the public space Härnösand Art Gallery presented a solo-exhibition with his work.

Installation shots