Dana-Fiona Armour, born 1988 in Willich, Germany, studied at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, from which she graduated in 2019. Defining herself as an artist-researcher, Dana-Fiona Armour aims to transcend the boundaries between matter and species, acting as an interpreter between humankind and other living beings. Sometimes conceived in collaboration with scientists, her installations and sculptures are imbued with a strange sensibility. They reflect on our ever-changing reality, searching for a way to create a new symbiosis and experiments and creating uncanny hybrid objects in the process. These examine life by isolating different aspects of it, looking for a better connection and understanding. Armour is set on changing the current collective mindset, and considers society's alienation from nature as a dangerous behavior and a threat.

"Is art, as a whole, in itself a dead element inserted into the life of human society? This is a profound question, which Armour attempts to answer by emphasizing calcification or crystallization as a tool for producing forms. Either way, her work fits in well with the urgency of the Anthropocene, offering a hybrid landscape in which human, animal and mineral intertwine –there could be nothing more realistic."
Extract from the text by Nicolas Bourriaud accompanying her exhibition All Too Human at Andréhn-Schiptjenko Paris in September 2021.
Armour is currently a resident at Collectif Poush, Clichy Paris. Invited as the first artist in residence at Cellectis (a genome engineering company specializing in the development of immunotherapies), she developed there the Project MC1R. Shown at the Collection Lambert in Avignon, France (2022), this project is a mix of visual art and biotechnology. Her work was featured in a solo-exhibition at Andréhn-Schiptjenko, Stockholm, Sweden, in 2023.
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